Super Wild Wild Words

Super Wild Wild Words 1.0

In Wild Wild Words you have to form words with the falling letters
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Wild Wild Words is a game where you have to form words with the falling letters.
You must click on adjacent letters on the board in order to form English words. If the word exists, every clicked letter will be cleared from the board, and there space will be occupied by the letters over them.

You must clear all the letters before the pile of tiles reaches the top of the board. When this occurs, the pile begins to shake. If you don´t form a word quickly, you loose.

There are some power-up, like keys or badges that you´ll need to clear in order to seize their power. You can use that power-ups by including them in your words. They won´t count as letters. The badges gives you hangman letters, that you will need to guess the hangman words.

You can play Wild Wild Words in two modes: in the Normal Mode the letters will drop continuously. It´s better to make short words in this mode. In the bonus Mode, letters will drop only when you make a word. So, it´s better to make long words when playing this mode.

There is an indicator on the top of the screen that will show you the word you formed, and its value in points, should it exist.

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